Life Members

Mrs Ann Hunt (deceased)

Mrs Hunt was born in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland. She came to Canada in 1939, and to Lethbridge in 1946.The mother of two, Ann began making kilts in Scotland at a very early age. Ann was always willing to help new mothers struggle through the process. Mrs Hunt loved watching the girls dance in the kilts she helped make.

Shortbread was another speciality of Ann’s. She loved baking and donating it to our association fund-raisers. She was proud to attend any event where the girls danced, and her lifetime pin was always cherished by her.


Mrs Catherine Frazer Aos (deceased)

Mrs Aos was born in Frazerburgh, Scotland, in 1907. She left her homeland at age three, coming to Manitoba, then Saskatchewan and then to Lethbridge in 1950. She was always involved in music and dance festivals. When the Lethbridge Association was formed, she was involved in bake sales and other fund-raisers. She loved coming to competitions, and always followed the dancers’ achievements with great interest. Katie treasured and shared her Scottish heritage with all she met.

Mrs Frances Plomp (deceased)

Mrs Plomp first became involved with highland dancing in Calgary when her daughter Linda started dancing at age three. When they moved to Lethbridge, they travelled back to Calgary regularly for lessons. Her daughter Linda taught highland dancing for many years in Lethbridge. Mrs Plomp has two granddaughters who were dancers. She has been a loyal supporter, helping with fund-raising and bake sales. Mrs Plomp quickly became “grandma” to many dancers who loved her interest in them, her soft-spoken manner and especially her hugs.


Mrs Beverly Spence (née Plomp)

Bev’s daughter Lori was four years old when she started dancing with her teacher (and aunt) Linda Kohn. It was two years later that Bev became involved with the organisation — along with other parents and teachers — of the Lethbridge branch of the AHDA. Bev has held nearly every position on this board from President to Secretary to Treasurer to Competition Secretary. She also held positions on the Provincial Board for several years. Although her daughter Lori is no longer actively dancing, Bev is still active in the Association. She is very pleased to have become a Life Member of the LHDA along with her mother Mrs Frances Plomp and her sister Linda Kohn.


Mrs Linda Kohn (née Plomp)

Born in Calgary, Linda started dancing lessons with Jean Murdoch at the age of three. Moving to Lethbridge in the early ’50s, she continued dancing with the late Nellie Livingston and Evelyn Qually. Hampered by ill health as a youngster, it wasn’t until her early teens that she again returned to Calgary to study with Jean Murdoch. After marrying Gary Kohn, she earned her membership in the SDTA. Linda started her school after the birth of her daughter, Jordana. She was instrumental in organising the Lethbridge branch of the AHDA and the early Lethbridge competitions. Linda was thrilled and honoured for her efforts, having helped several dancers become provincial champions and interprovincial representatives. For many years, she served on the provincial board. She and her dancers travelled twice to Scotland to compete, as well as to the games at Grandfather Mountain where, to her surprise, she received recognition for being the teacher with the most points in jigs and hornpipes. For many years she and her dancers travelled to the Santa Rosa games. Retired from involvement with highland dancing, she cherishes memories and friendships from the past and is pleased to have become a Life Member. She spends her time with her husband, her two English cockers (which by the way, bark every time they hear bagpipe music) and follows with pride the career of her daughter, a professional “triple threat” actress in Calgary.


Mrs Kathy Oler

Kathy was born and raised in Claresholm. She became involved in Highland Dancing when her three daughters – Karen, Kandi, and Kristen then 9, 6 and 5 started dancing lessons from Mrs. Linda Kohn in Lethbridge. The following year, the Lethbridge Highland Dance Association was formed and she has been a member of the executive many times through the years. All three of her daughters are now Highland Dance Teachers and with families of their own, but she still remains involved and helps whenever she can with fund-raising, competitions and costuming. Kathy is the grandmother to eighteen and has seven granddaughters who have or who are presently taking Highland Dancing Lessons. She considers her life membership a great honor.



Joan Zimmer

Joan became involved in Highland Dance when her 5 year old daughter started in Hanna, Alberta with instructor Marjorie Duff.  The next year they moved to Lethbridge and Laurie continued to dance Highland.  She had a variety of instructors.  At age 16, Laurie stopped Highland Dance.  Years later, Joan’s granddaughter Kaitlynn started to dance.  Joan again became involved with Highland Dance and has been a member of the executive through the years.  She helps when she can with fund-raising, competitions and costuming.  She considers it an honor to be a life member.